RPG Encounter Mats

We have a wide offering of PVC RPG encounter mats to add themed backdrops to any tabletop RPG encounter. With over 100 different designs in multiple sizes with various grid options, we are confident we have the Battle Mat for your game.

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RPG Encounter Mat - Flagstone Action Shot

RPG Encounter Mats - A World of Choice

A World of Choice

We have RPG Enounter Mats themed around dungeons, castles, deserts, swamps, forests, fields, palaces, courtyards, docks, villages, bridges, temples, tracks, lairs, caves, oceans, space, beaches, camps, ruins, spaceship deckplans, highlands and hills amongst many more...

We are frequently adding to this range so expect even more designs in the future!

Various Sizes and Grid Options

Almost all of our designs are available with either 1.5" / 1" square or hex grids, or in a plain, gridless version.

We offer our RPG Encounter Mats in three standard sizes; 24" x 24", 36" x 24" or 48" x 24"

We also make our RPG Encounter Mat designs available as digital titles available on DriveThruRPG for home printing or virtual tabletop use.

RPG Encounter Mats - Sizes and Overlays

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